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Keeps your mail in your pocket!

The traditional mailbox has become a paper spam container. It is because of its public access. Being a paper spam container, more or less, it has lost its actual value. People tend to avoid it by trying to find alternative ways for receiving their valuable mail.

With PeepNee Box we solve this issue.

Why Us

PeepNee is a platform which consists of IOT smart mailboxes and number of supporting, management software. We literally give you the ability to monitor and control your mailbox at any time from any where. We are real-time enabled, easy to use and extremely easy to integrate with. Not only that. Our platform is focused on the environment impact and that's why we offer you autonomous, solar powered mailboxes in any size and shape.  That is not all. You can send a digital content to a mailbox which will help you optimize your costs and effort.


Real-time enabled


Intuitive and easy to use


Simple integration


Allows you to go paperless


Cost efficient and time saving

How Can You Deliver Physical Content

How It Works

Higher-level overview of our platform

Higher-level overview 2.png

Visible real-life problems

Footage from events!

In order to get a real feedback and validate our idea, we have spent a lot of time in meetings and discussions with other people who are passionate about technology and innovations.

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