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често задавани въпроси

  • Can I update my current mailbox with your IOT solution?
    Yes, you can. What we actually offer is the front functional panel. We offer it in different sizes and with different options. Once you know what are your specific requirements we will provide you a custom panel which will fit your needs.
  • What are the minimal requirements for a PeepNee mailbox to work normally?
    Ideally, you would need a 5V power supply and an internet. But even if you don't have some of these, we can offer you an autonomous solution with a GSM connection.
  • How much does it cost to buy a PeepNee Box?
    It really depends on the setup. The cheapest option would be around 100€ and highest one would probably be 250€ (which is autonomous, GSM connected mailbox).
  • How reliable is the smart mailbox?
    We have put a lot of effort trying to make our mailbox as secure as possible. It is now built of a stainless steel and it is only accessible by the owner of the mailbox (He has a key). It is well isolated. It doesn't get damaged by wind, rain, snow or something of that kind.
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